What makes us special

The DENT ESTET story began 20 years ago. During this time, we became the leaders on the Romanian dentistry market, judging by our turnover, number of clinics and overspecialized team.

DENT ESTET isn’t just a big business, but also a stable family since 1999, with some of the medics and medical assistants still part of the team to this day. We began our journey with a set of values which we are still developing in the present, alongside 320 specialists, from which 105 are overspecialized and internationally-certified medics in all branches of dental medicine.

Right now, DENT ESTET has 10 dental clinics in Romania: 7 in Bucharest, 1 in Timișoara and 2 in Sibiu.

The DENT ESTET group consists of 5 clinics for treating adults, 4 clinics exclusively dedicated to children, 1 for teenagers, but also a digital laboratory for dental technique and 3 in-house digital photo studios.

The sheer number of happy patients has shown that DENT ESTET delivers the same level of excellence when it comes to its services, no matter the city.

Revolutionary digital technology

DENT ESTET’s vision has always been to invest in state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, we have provided our specialists with the best equipment, to ensure for our patients 100% accurate diagnoses in a safe and comfortable environment. Even more, our entire activity is supervised using procedures for maintaining and improving the quality of our services.


High precision – The laser technology allows the medic to create an image of the tooth, which will help him tremendously in the crafting process.

Higher speed – You won’t have to wait for an outside technician to create your implants. Our artisans can do that in just a couple of hours.

Exceptional quality, premium aesthetics – using high-quality and metal-free materials, digital precision and natural design, your implant will fit perfectly, thus ensuring a natural smile.

High level of comfort – classic printing has been replaced by digital scanning, for a more comfortable and precise process.


Specialized division working interdisciplinary

In the DENT ESTET clinics, the patient is taken care of by a multidisciplinary team of medics, specialized in all branches of dentistry. Because our medics are certified in Europe and the USA, we can offer treatments and services at international standards. The patient meets a medical coordinator, which collaborates with in-house specialists to cover all their needs. As a result, the patient is treated not by only one medic, but by an entire team.

This culture of sharing, which defines the DENT ESTET ethos, is characterized by our team’s willingness to share their knowledge accumulated through years and years of hard work, but also from countless international courses. For each patient, a board of evaluation is assigned to find a complete diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan.


CAD-CAM Digital Center – the place where we redesign smiles

We provide modern dental techniques for our patients, in which CAD-CAM digital technology meets the precision of our internationally-certified artisans.

The constant communication between medic, technician and patient ensures the creation of a premium and aesthetically-pleasing dental implant.


A team dedicated to our patients’ wellbeing

Because nothing is more important to us than our patients, the DENT ESTET experience wouldn’t be complete without our Patient Care Coordinators (PCC), tasked with maintaining a relaxed and soothing atmosphere in the DENT ESTET clinics.

A Patient Care Coordinator’s role

  • For the first visit, the PCC introduces the patient to the medical team

  • Offers the patient a detailed treatment plant

  • Explains to the patient the procedures, techniques, costs and payment options

  • Facilitates the information flow between the patient and the multidisciplinary medical team

  • Monitors each step of the treatment, along with the patient

  • Seeks to develop a relationship based on trust and safety

International recognition

We put a lot of emphasis on overspecialization, that’s why we always support our team members to learn new skills. Each medic participates every year to at least one international course in their field of work.

In this way, we managed to build the largest team of internationally-certified implantology specialists in Romania, called DENT ESTET Implant Division – 11 medics certified in Europe and USA, with over 20 years of experience (in groups and individual).


Solutions for patients with a high degree of anxiety

DENT ESTET is the only clinic in Romania with an ATI department, using equipment similar to that found in hospital surgery rooms. The ATI department has a pulse oximeter and EKG machine for monitoring the patient’s condition throughout the treatment.

The Fabius Plus® anesthesia machine, built by the German company Dräger, is a piece of equipment which can be used for anesthesia and monitoring during and after the operation.


Complete diagnosis from the first visit

Using the latest equipment for medical imaging and diagnosis photos made in the Future Smile Studio, we can give the patient an accurate status of their oral cavity and the recommended treatment. The medic, along with the committee evaluating the case, carefully analyzes the initial situation and devises a step-by-step treatment plan, to make the patient’s visits to the clinic as efficient as possible. Find out how your first visit to our clinic will go.

  • 1999

    Prima clinică dentară DENT ESTET, transformată în 2007 în clinica Green Dental. Aceasta devine prima clinică dentară eco-friendly din România.

  • 2003

    Se deschide a doua clinică DENT ESTET, într-o clădire impunătoare, ușor de recunoscut datorită florilor de la balcon.

    Timeline Dent Estet
  • 2007

    Se inaugurează sediul DENT ESTET din Șoseaua Nordului.

    Timeline Dent Estet
  • 2008

    Înființarea celei mai mari divizii de ortodonți din România: Advanced Orthodontic Division.

  • 2008

    Anul în care am transformat grija unei mame în prima clinică dentară din Europa de Est dedicată exclusiv copiilor, prin inaugurarea DENT ESTET 4 KIDS.

  • 2010

    Lansarea programului educațional “În vizită la Zâna Măseluță” în clinicile DENT ESTET 4 KIDS, prin care copiii din grădinițe și școli beneficiază de workshop gratuit de educație dentară.

  • 2011

    S-a lansat First Step to Excellence in Dentistry, primul program de Internship din România dedicat studenţilor la medicină dentară.

  • 2012

    Stomatologia din România a cunoscut o nouă premieră: DENT ESTET 4 TEENS, prima clinică dentară din Europa dedicată exclusiv adolescenților.

  • 2012

    Înființarea Implant și Esthetic Division, cele mai mari divizii de medici implantologi, respectiv specialiști în estetică dentară din țară.

  • 2013

    Extinderea în țară a conceptului de stomatologie exclusiv pentru copii, cu prima clinică deschisă în Timișoara.

  • 2014

    Datorită succesului înregistrat în rândul celor mai tineri pacienți, 2014 a coincis cu deschiderea celei de-a doua clinici DENT ESTET 4 KIDS din București.

  • 2016

    An de referință în istoria DENT ESTET, datorită inaugurării laboratorului dentar digital ASPEN.

  • 2017

    Anul în care se inaugurează clinica DENT ESTET Primăverii, cea mai mare clinică dentară digitalizată din țara noastră. Aceasta primește titulatura de centru Planmeca Digital Academy și unic Centru Straumann în România.

  • 2018

    Extinderea națională continuă prin lansarea celor mai noi clinici DENT ESTET la Sibiu, una pentru copii și una pentru adulți.