First Visit

It’s more than dentistry. It’s care for your wellbeing - A comprehensive and integrated take on your dental health

Your first time in the DENT ESTET clinics is more than a simple doctor’s visit. It’s an experience strictly focused on your health and wellbeing. The initial interaction between patient, medic and Patient Care Coordinator represents the basic foundation of a long-term relationship with a clear purpose: to create the best version of a patient’s smile.

„Because I’ve been through many first visits at the doctor, I understand what patients are going through when they enter our clinics. That’s why  we have designed the very first visit to DENT ESTET as a unique concept, which seeks to help the patient feel more comfortable physically as well as mentally by eliminating any kind of anxiety. Each patient has their own Patient Care Coordinator, dedicated to their needs, who offers them support from the first stage of treatment, to the last.”

Dr. Oana Taban (DENT ESTET CEO & Founder)

The benefits of a comprehensive take on your dental health:

  • special attention to your needs, wants and fears
  • dedicated Patient Care Coordinator, who will be by your side from the moment you enter our clinics
  • a correct diagnosis, arrived at through an interdisciplinary collaboration between the medical coordinator and other specialists
  • complete and integrated experience: photos and videos for clinical investigation, advanced digital radiology center, digitally-guided treatments, high-tech dental laboratory
  • value of time:  yours, in order for you to stick to your daily schedule, but also the time spent with the medic in the clinic, with the purpose of building a relationship based on trust
  • the guarantee of a high-quality and safe treatment, given by the materials, which are biocompatible with the human body and medical work protocols correctly executed
  • the look and functionality of the final work, just the way you wanted it
  • relaxed and familiar environment

Your first visit to DENT ESTET

Check-in at the reception

You will meet your Patient Care Coordinator, who will explain to you all the steps, before starting the treatment.

Filling in the patient’s file

Before starting the treatment, you have to fill in the medical file and other documents with the help of the Patient Care Coordinator.

Dental photos

After filling in the required documents, you will be taken by your Patient Care Coordinator to the Future Smile Studio, for the intraoral and extraoral photos. These are extremely important, because they aid the medic in finding the correct diagnosis.

Specialized consultation

The first interaction with the dentist takes place in the treatment room – after taking the dental photos – and consists of going through and discussing the patient’s file and medical record.

Next, the dentist will perform the oral examination and will write down any remark for future reference. This will be the first step towards a complete treatment plan, created specially for you.

This is also a great moment to ask the dentist any questions you have about your dental health. Your trust is very important to us, that’s why we encourage you to have this conversation with your DENT ESTET specialist and talk to him about your expectations.

Digital dental imaging

After going through the patient’s file and after the specialized consultation, the medic will ask you to perform a Panoramic Dental X-Ray or a CBCT (Cone beam computed tomography). These investigations will help your medical coordinator in the final diagnosis and treatment planning.

We use the most advanced equipment for dental imaging (Planmeca, KaVo) for our investigations, which allows us to arrive at a complete diagnosis in the shortest amount of time.

Future visits & financial solutions

At the end of your first visit, the Patient Care Coordinator will help you make the next appointment and will answer all of your questions regarding the future steps of the treatment. Moreover, he will talk to you about the financial solutions available in the DENT ESTET clinics.

The treatment plan – second appointment

For your second visit to our clinics, based on the previous investigations, the medic will explain to you the treatment plan step-by-step, which will include personalized medical solutions and prices for each type of treatment.

These solutions are meant to correct your dental problems, prevent them in the future, but also to improve your smile in the long run.

Moreover, the Patient Care Coordinator will give you a clear and concise estimate regarding the treatment’s costs, because the transparency of the medical act and costs represents a form of respect towards our patients.

To make your first visit as efficient as possible:

  • you can download the patient’s file in a digital format, fill it in and bring a printed version with you to your first visit
  • if you’re under any kind of treatment, make a list of all the meds you’ve been prescribed and show it to the dentist
  • go through your medical history
  • prepare your questions for the dentist, for a better understanding of the future treatment plan