ASPEN Dental Laboratory

Since 1999, when we opened the first DENT ESTET clinic, our mission has remained the same: to offer comfort and safety to our patients.

We are keeping this promise through ASPEN, DENT ESTET’s first dental laboratory, created to offer highly accurate implants to all our patients. Combining CAD-CAM digital technology with our overspecialized team of dental technicians, the ASPEN laboratory distinguishes itself through the fact that it reduces the work time of the doctor and offers patients a functional and aesthetically-pleasing product in less than 24 hours, without compromising quality.

The quality of the work in the CAD-CAM dental laboratory, assisted by dental technique specialists, can hardly be matched by other work systems, in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Digital technologies influence our lives everyday. Even in dentistry, they represent modern solutions, offering patients the comfort of a treatment that is fast, simple and precise. From dental prints and digital design, to complete restoration techniques (orthodontal, implantological, cosmetic), ASPEN laboratory manages to satisfy even the most demanding requests in terms of color, shape, texture and durability.

The advantages of CAD-CAM dental laboratory:

  • Aesthetically-pleasing implants

  • Natural look

  • Fast intervention

  • High level of precision

  • Complete control of the implant, thanks to an overspecialized dental technician

  • Materials that are biocompatible with the human body

  • Functionality

  • Allows the doctor to fully concentrate on the medical procedure

  • Less visits to the clinic

  • Pure final product

  • The opportunity to predict the final result of the work

ASPEN, our CAD-CAM dental laboratory, run by overspecialized technicians, creates visually-stunning and natural-looking implants that are strong and 100% customizable.

Our in-office CAD/CAM digital technology doesn’t replace a dental technician’s accuracy and talent. Any error of the final product can lead to complications and treatment failure.

Dental technique artisans, creators of natural smiles

We have created a team of dental technicians who pour their heart and soul into their work and have a clear vision of what perfection and authenticity entail. These are professionals who understand what the doctor needs and what the patient desires.

The ASPEN team is led by our dental artisan, Pavel Ciulin. His 6 years of experience, enriched every year with trainings and international courses, are proof of his craftsmanship as an architect of smiles.

A Carol Davila University alumni, Paul Ciulin expertly combines his professional experience with more theoretical know-how. His latest courses and certifications include:

  • Bredent Dental Technique Course, 2016
  • Nondas Vlachopoulos Ceramics Course – Hands on Master Class: Aesthetics on 6 Anterior Pressables Veneer/Crown Combination, 2016
  • Juvora Certificate – Juvora Frameworks – Reinhard Lobenhofer, 2016
  • Dental Ceramics Course „GC” Cst Colour and Form – MTD Vincenzo Mutone, 2016
  • Dental Photography & Smile Makeover Certificate – Miladinov Milos, 2015